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Oct 15, 2005 · A .30 carbine with the right bullet would effectively dispatch a good sized pig with a well-placed shot, but it is much less powerful than the .30-30 (about half). Also, the .30 carbine is limited by its OAL unless you are using a single-shot. 110 grain is standard, and they are semi-spitzers.

M1 Carbine Magazines 30 caliber 30 Round KCI Blue Steel South Korean Military New Unissued M-1 .30 C Restrictions apply on higher capacity magazines in some parts of the United States, so please read this entire ad carefully before offering to buy.

The rimless .30 Carbine (7.62x33mm) was originally designed to fire a .30 caliber, 110gr full metal jacket bullet at just under 2,000 feet per second. Though the .30 Carbine was certainly no slouch, it was much less powerful than the .30-06 Springfield round fired by the M1 Garand.

30 carbine ammo is a classic military caliber that’s typically used for target shooting nowadays. The .30 Carbine was widely used during World War II in the M1 Carbine for which it was designed.

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30 Carbine Ammo Uses & History Winchester developed 30 carbine ammo for the US military in the late 1930s. The cartridge was designed before the M1 Carbine that was eventually made to fire it.

First issued in the M2 carbine, the .30 Carbine is a great choice for small- to medium-game hunting. It is also popular among military battle re-enactors, and can be found chambered in several pistols.

Recently, I had the good fortune to come across an older, very nice Marlin 336 chambered in 30-30 at a gun show. It was just my luck because I was, in fact, looking for one that day, but I wasn

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“The .30-30 is the great North American deer cartridge, and for good reason. It is a virtually ideal compromise between power and recoil. A 7.5 pound .30-30 rifle shooting the standard 150 grain factory load generates about 11.7 ft. lbs. of recoil energy.

It is the flagship of our Model 336 family and one of the most popular hunting rifles in North America. Featuring a 20” barrel with Micro-Groove® rifling, richly blued finish and 30-30 Win. chambering, it is a timeless embodiment of dependability, accuracy and handsome looks.

30 carbine ammo is a light rifle round (later developed for pistol shooters as well) that is commonly used by M1 carbine shooters. Weighing it at about half the load of the standard M1 Garand, 30 carbine was developed as a cartridge for military units who needed more firepower than their military sidearms could offer but without the weight of heavier rifle ammo.

Sportsman’s Guide now sells Lever-Action Rifles from top brands in the industry. Check out the must-have models with great discounts and savings! Marlin 336W, Lever Action, .30-30 Winchester, 20″ Barrel, 3-9x32mm Scope, 6+1 Rounds. Henry Big Boy Carbine, Lever Action, .357 Magnum / .38 Special, 16.5″ Barrel, 7 Rounds.

The .30 Carbine (7.62×33mm) is the cartridge used in the M1 Carbine introduced in the 1940s. It is a light rifle round designed to be fired from the M1 carbine’s 18-inch barrel.

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The “U.S. Carbine, Caliber .30, M1” was the most produced American infantry arm of World War II. And it’s back. Again. As this is written, my cheek is gleefully stained with linseed oil

The standard bullet for the .30 Carbine is a 110-grain roundnose. A handloader can vary some from that weight, but not from the round nose. My Underwood carbine was made in 1942, according to the year of manufacture and serial numbers listed on www.uscarbinecal30m1.com.

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The common variety 30-30 lever gun offers a 20-inch tube with some models sporting carbine, or compact rifled barrels. The under-barrel magazine tube holds 5-6 …

The full-length magazine tube holds 6 rounds of .30-30 Win. cartridges, which are loaded through a loading port on the side of the receiver. The receiver utilizes side ejection, which simplifies scope mounting, and the gun comes drilled and tapped for attaching a scope mount.

Jan 29, 2016 · Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The M-1 Carbine .30 Caliber, Designed right before WWII and issued to U.S. Troops all the way through Vietnam. …

The .30-30 Winchester/.30 Winchester Center Fire (7.62×51mmR) cartridge was first marketed in 1895 for the Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifle. The .30-30 (thirty-thirty), as it is most commonly known, was the USA’s first small-bore, sporting rifle cartridge designed for smokeless powder.

The .30 Carbine (7.62×33mm) is the cartridge used in the M1 Carbine introduced in the 1940s. It is an intermediate round designed to be fired from the M1 carbine’s 18-inch (458 mm) barrel.

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Home > Knowledgebase >.30-30 Winchester (.30 WCF ).30-30 Winchester (.30 WCF ) Second to this, the ammunition is plentiful and affordable, something which cannot be said of the more potent carbine cartridges. At close ranges, the .30-30 is a clean, effective killer of medium game. To those who use and rely on the .30-30, these factors

My .30 Carbine copy was outfitted with a 7.5-inch barrel. This long tube delivers higher velocities and the long sighting plane enables one to hit targets “way out there.” Busting dirt clods on the range berm was no special trick back to 50 yards and beyond.

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M1 30 Carbine Folding Stock Black Warrior . Here is a stock that needs a good home. tippmann pro/carbine paintball gun with extras. lots of patina with dents rusting and soiling but. We will send you a new one after receiving the defective item

The new Carbine, however, is a scaled-down, lighter version of the original chambered in .30-30 Winchester. With a 24-inch barrel, the carbine length long gun weighs a stout 7 pounds.

The .30 Carbine cartridge was designed for use with the M-1 .30 Carbine used in WWII. This fine little carbine was to replace the pistol for rear line troops. But as it was issued, it became very popular with the troops and was finally very widely issued to front line troops.

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The 336BL has a pistol grip stock, a 18.5-inch blued barrel, and is chambered in .30-30 Winchester. 336C: The Marlin Model 336C is available in either .30-30 Winchester or .35 Remington and has a pistol grip stock and 20-inch blued barrel.

The .30-30: A Historic Overview. by 30 WCF. Today what is known as the . 30-30 began life as the .30 WINCHESTER SMOKELESS. In 1891, the Winchester Repeating Arms Company first began experimenting with smokeless powder to develop a higher velocity smokeless cartridge that would bear the Winchester name.

30 Carbine New and Once Fired Brass (OFB) 30 Carbine New and Once Fired Brass (OFB) and 30 Carbine Reloading Supplies

The .30 Carbine generates half the muzzle energy of the typical .30-30 Winchester deer rifle round and one-third the energy of the typical .30-06 Springfield big game round. The game laws of several states do not allow hunting big game with the .30 Carbine either by name or minimum muzzle energy allowed. Overall, .30 Carbine is a fairly weak round.

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Underwood M1C Carbine, .30 Carbine. Very good condition, classic lightweight carbine issued to officers, tank crews and others in many theaters of around the globe in WWII.

The purposes of USCARBINECAL30M1.com is to exchange information and expand your knowledge of the U.S. Carbine, Caliber .30, M1, better known as the M1 Carbine. This site’s main goals, like those of the GCA, CMP and many others, are to preserve and publicize the history of the M1 Carbine, encourage new collectors, assist individuals in their

The .30 Carbine (7.62×33mm) is the cartridge used in the M1 Carbine introduced in the 1940s. The .30 Carbine cartridge was developed by Winchester and is basically a rimless .30 caliber (7.62 mm) version of the much older .32 Winchester Self-Loading cartridge of 1906.

Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine .30 Caliber Rifle, 18″ 15rd, Semi-Auto, Walnut Stock-AOM130 FFL must be registered and on file. If the FFL is not on file it will often take additional time to ship.

Mossberg 6 + 1 30-30 Lever Action w/20″ Blued Barrel & Hardwood Straight Stock Out of the box the American made 464 Lever Action Rifle with its hardwood straight stock, or walnut pistol grip, blued receiver and barrel transcend you to days-gone by.

Aug 16, 2018 · New Blackhawk .30 Carbine. This is a discussion on New Blackhawk .30 Carbine. within the Ruger Single Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Just received my New Model Ruger Blackhawk on Monday! It’s in .30 Carbine. I …

The .30 Carbine (7.62×33mm) is the cartridge used in the M1 Carbine introduced in the 1940s. It is an intermediate round designed to be fired from the M1 carbine’s 18-inch (458 mm) barrel.

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