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Barbus Tetrazona body has flattened top and on the sides; well-developed dorsal fin and black color with reddish edge; all other fins are transparent and have the reddish hues on the edges. The mouth is slightly shifted on the lower part and does not have barbs.

Information about how to keep and care for Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona) in aquariums.

The Tiger Barb has black bands that run vertically on an orange/gold body. There are also a few different varieties such as the Albino and the Green.

The flashy Tiger Barb is very lively, colorful, and fun to watch! The Tiger Barb Puntius tetrazona (previously Barbus tetrazona) is very striking and will enliven and beautify any tank. This species is the largest of the ‘banded barbs’ and has a gaily colored yellow-to-red body with 4 …

The Tiger Barb was previously known as Barbus tetrazona. It was once called the “Sumatranus” because it came from Sumatra. Other common names they …

Barbus Tetrazona numiti si Tiger Barb fac parte din familia Cyprinidae. Este un peste de apa dulce din Asia de Sud-Est in general Idonezia , Borneo, Thailanda, Malaezia. si Sumatra ( de aici unii acvaristi ii numesc si Sumatrani ) .

Puntigrus partipentazona. At first glance, the fish appears to be identical to the tiger barb. However, when compared side-to-side, it can be seen that on P. tetrazona, the middle body stripe extends completely through the dorsal fin. On P. partipentazona, the blotch on the dorsal fin is not part of any of the body stripes, the colors are brighter,

(Barbus tetrazona ) Las técnicas de reproducción que se ha empleado en esta especie de barbos han sido un éxito en todas las ocasiones en las que sean reproducido. Los períodos de celo suceden siempre que los peces « creen » que las condiciones ambientales …

Barbus. The type species of Barbus is the common barbel, first described as Cyprinus barbus and now named Barbus barbus. Barbus is the namesake genus of the subfamily Barbinae, but given their relationships, that taxon is better included in the Cyprininae at least for the largest part (including the type species of Barbus ).

Je to jedna z nejvýraznějších a často chovaných akvarijních ryb. Není to ryba určená úplným začátečníkům. Stále čistá (čirá) voda je pro tento druh nu

Tiger Barb (Barbus Tetrazona) The tiger barb is a very active, clearly defined fish. The general colouring of yellow is striped with four definite bands of black, one of which passes via the eye. On a great specimen, the dorsal fin has a dark base variegating via red to …

The Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona) is the most well-known and notorius of all aquarium barbs. While hardy and easy to care for, it is known as a « fin-nipper », a semi-aggressive fish that bites at the fins of other fish. This reputation is somewhat undeserved, however.

Sumatra barb, tiger barb (Puntius tetrazona, Barbus tetrazona), swimming Cute tiger barb or Sumatra barb (Puntigrus tetrazona) fish in aquarium. Tiger barbs are also found in many other parts of Asia.

Breeding. Tiger barbs prefer neutral or soft water when breeding. Tiger Barbs become active at a very young age, they are capable of breeding when 7-8 weeks of age. They show no parent care though so to increase the survival rate it is best to remove the eggs to another tank …

Puntigrus anchisporus (= Barbus tetrazona) Gold Green Stripe. 2. October 2018. About 10 years ago the breeders suddenly focussed again on the old-known tiger barb, whose scientific name is, by the way, Puntigrus anchisporus.

Tetrazone trenutno pripadaju rodu Puntius, ali su zbog velike morfološke sličnosti tokom prošlosti prebacivani iz roda u Barbus u rod Puntius i obrnuto. Vremenom su se raširile po većem dijelu Azije, tako da je danas vrlo teško odrediti prirodno stanište ove vrste.

A Barbus, magyarul márnák a csontos halak (Osteichthyes) főosztályának sugarasúszójú halak (Actinopterygii) osztályába, a pontyalakúak (Cypriniformes) rendjébe, a pontyfélék (Cyprinidae) családjába, és az Barbinae alcsaládjába tartozó nem.

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Sumatra barb, tiger barb (Puntius tetrazona (Barbus tetrazona)), distribution: Southeast Asia Cute tiger barb or Sumatra barb (Puntigrus tetrazona) fish in aquarium. …

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The tiger barb (Barbus tetrazona) is from Sumatra and Borneo.It is a small orange fish with vertical black bars that resemble the stripes of a tiger, hence the name tiger barb. Tiger barbs are now available in many different color variations.

Fish guide for Green Tiger Barb, Moss Green Tiger Barb profile with fish pictures, description and information, fish care, diet, habitat and fish diseases, tank mates and keeping the cyprinid fish aquarium The Tiger Barb Puntius tetrazona (previously Barbus tetrazona) was described by Bleeker in 1855. They are found throughout the Malay

Latinský název – Carassius auratus Synonymum – Český název – Karas stříbřitý « Zlatá rybka » Objeveno – 17.století Evropa – v Číně před 10. století Kmen – Chordate (Strunatci) Třída – Actinopterygii (Paprskoploutví) Řád – Čeleď – Cyprinidae (kaprovití) Podčeleď – Cyprininae Původ – Čína (v

Barbus pentazona Boulenger, 1894; Systomus pentazona (Boulenger, 1894); Puntius pentazona (Boulenger, 1894) Etymology Desmopuntius : from the Ancient Greek δεσμψτης (desmotes), meaning ‘prisoner’, and the generic name Puntius , in reference to the barred colour pattern in member species.

Puntigrus anchisporus (= Barbus tetrazona) Gold Green Stripe. 2. October 2018. About 10 years ago the breeders suddenly focussed again on the old-known tiger barb, whose scientific name is, by the way, Puntigrus anchisporus.

Etymologie Barbus tetrazona De wetenschappelijke naam van de Sumatraan is ‘Barbus tetrazona’. Deze vis is in 1855 beschreven, door de Nederlandse arts en ichtyoloog Pieter Bleeker, als ‘Capoeta tetrazona’.

Platinum Green Tiger Barb Puntius tetrazona var. Other names: none. Just like other barbs, these fish are very active, but still you may find them mid-tank or lower. These fish should also be kept in larger groups to that they don’t become aggresive. Some barbs will get shy when left alone, but these will not.

Descripción de Puntius Tetrazona Es un pez nativo de la Isla de Borneo donde puede ser encontrado tanto en el estado malayo de Sarawak y en Kalimantan, la parte indonesia de la isla.

Barbus tetrazona (Bleeker, 1855) Capoeta tetrazona Bleeker , 1855 [3] An Puntius tetrazona [2] in uska species han Actinopterygii nga syahan ginhulagway ni Pieter Bleeker hadton 1855.

The tiger barb is one of over 70 species of barb with commercial importance in the aquarium trade. Of the total ornamental fish species imported into the United States in 1992, only 20 species account for more than 60% of the total number of specimens reported, with tiger barbs falling at tenth on the list, with 2.6 million individuals imported.

Barbus tetrazona (Bleeker, 1855) Capoeta tetrazona (Bleeker, 1855) Barbodes tetrazona (Bleeker, 1855) Capoeta sumatraus (Bleeker, 1855) The tiger barb (Puntius tetrazona) or sumatra barb, is a species of tropical freshwater fish belonging to the Puntius genus of the minnow family.

Barbus Tetrazona este unul dintre pestii cei mai usor de intretinut. Prefera acvarii bine plantate si sa fie in numar de cel putin 5-7 .Este un asa numit “schooling fish” (peste de banc) , se simte bine si in siguranta cand este in numere mai mari .

A Manual for Commercial Production of the Tiger Barb, Capoeta tetrazona, A Temporary Paired Tank Spawner By Clyde S. Tamaru, Ph. D. Brian Cole, M. S. Richard Bailey, B. A. Christopher Brown, Ph. D. In 1855, the German ichthyologist Bleeker described this fish as Barbus tetrazona. In 1857, Bleeker described another species under the same

I Barbus tetrazona hanno il corpo alto, compresso ai lati, con coda forcuta e pinne corte e appuntite. La caratteristica più evidente del Barbus tigre è la livrea, con 4 bande nere verticali che attraversano il corpo del pesce: una passa sull’occhio, una dopo l’opercolo branchiale e due sul peduncolo caudale.

Genus: Barbus Species: B. tetrazona. Synonyms. Barbus tetrazona tetrazona (Bleeker, 1855) Capoeta tetrazona Bleeker, 1855 Puntius tetrazona (Bleeker, 1855) Morphology. The body is laterally compressed and has black bands that run vertically on an orange/gold body. The …

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Tetrazone (Puntius tetrazona) su slatkovodne ribice iz porodice šarana (Cyprinidae), a poreklom je iz tropskih voda ostrva Sumatre, Bornea i Malajskog poluostrva, a prijavljeni su susreti sa ovom vrstom i …

Puntius tetrazona « Tigerbarbe » (tidligere Barbus tetrazona) lever i floder og vandløb i Indonesien og Borneo. Puntius tetrazona er en livlig og svømmeglad fisk. Den skal helst holdes i stime på mindst 5-6 individer. Hvis man holder den i for få individer, vil man opleve, at de bliver ondskabsfulde mod andre fisk.

(Puntius tetrazona) Asie . pH : 6.0-7.5 22-26°C 5-6 cms 80-100 litres, bien filtré Un aquarium planté qui leur laisse de grands espaces libres est nécessaire car les barbus de Sumatra passent une bonne partie de leur temps à se pourchasser : les plantes et cachettes serviront aussi de refuge.

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Koi barbus (Puntius tetrazona Koi) je pronađen u Sumatri.Jedinke mogu da porastu do 5-6cm. Telo im je izuzetno pljosnato i prilagođeno brzim strujanjima vode. Telo im je zelene boje sa crvenim perajima.

Synonyms: Barbus tetrazona, Puntius tetrazona, Barbodes tetrazona Common Name(s): In the wild, Tiger Barbs are found primarily in still or moderately running bodies of water. Swamps, ditches, canals and other relatively shallow waters surrounded by dense vegetation are preferred habitats. They are usually found over substrates with a thick

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Tiger Barb (Puntius Tetrazona Syn. Barbus Tetrazona) Location This fish lives in a big shoal, in the middle to lower part of the water level, in a reservoir with gentle currents or without any current at all.

Keeping and Breeding Tiger Barbs (Puntius tetrazona) reminds me of throwing a handful of super balls into an empty swimming pool. The resulting chaotic activity and seemingly endless motion are characteristic of this hyperactive species. C. sumatraus or Barbus tetrazona.

The Tiger Barb is silver/gold with black stripes and orange accented fins. It is a very lively, playful fish that prefers to be in schools. It prefers a well-planted tank of …

Barbus tetrazona Barbus tetrazona tetrazona Capoeta tetrazona Puntius tetrazona Systomus sumatranus Systomus sumatrensis Systomus tetrazona: Más sobre peces, tipos o especies, acuarios. Barbo cereza, Puntius titteya; Barbo rosado, Pethia conchonius (Puntius conchonius)

Barbs are a lively family of schooling fish. Learn more about the popular Barb species in this overview of Barbs.

The Tiger barb has been referred to under many different scientific names, including Capoeta tetrazona, Barbus tetrazona, Barbodes tetrazona and Capoeta sumatruas. Pieter Bleeker, a German ichthyologist discovered the fish in 1855 and called it Barbus tetrazona.

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