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The Equus is born of an abiding passion for genuine 1960’s and 1970’s era muscle cars. The rare seductive power of those legendary beauties, brought on by their unique fastback signature, enraptures and enthralls to this day.

equus bass 770 a retro styled muscle car for the price of an audi r8. equus bass 770 the eternal magnificence. even with the high price tag we are betting on …

Rating, specifications, performance and images of Equus Bass 770 – top speed 322 kph, power 647 hp., 0-100 kph, 0-62 mph 3.5 seconds

Equus Automotive have unveiled the Bass 770 which combines retro looks with modern technology in a very appealing yet pricey package.

Equus Bass 770 The Equus Bass 770 by Detroit-based Equus Automotive is a brand new high performance vehicle designed and manufactured in the USA, celebrating 1960’s and 1970s muscle cars . Featuring many of the styling elements of iconic cars like the Fastback Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger, the Equus Bass 770 blends muscle car legacy with today’s automobile technology …

the equus ‘bass 770’s exterior design appears to draw influences from a number of the best muscle car manufacturers: the elegant silhouette, roofline, and fastback are all similar to the 1960

This, Equus automotive would have us believe, is a unique driving experience – the Equus Bass 770, a Detroit-born and bred muscle-car that delivers 1960s sound and styling in a new-millennium, USB

Equus reveals the Bass 770 – Top Gear-Luxury muscle: equus bass 770 – atlas, The equus new bass 770 is an unashamed impersonator that mixes the old world and the new to create a muscle car with a taste for luxury muscle: the equus bass 770 ..2015 equus bass 770: latest american muscle car, Despite the fact that most driving enthusiasts have only recently heard of the equus bass 770, this north american …

Research Hyundai Equus pricing and get news, reviews, specs, photos, videos and more – everything for Hyundai Equus owners, buyers and enthusiasts.

Jan 20, 2014 · The best car at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show by far. Not to say the 2015 Ford Mustang was bad.. but this should have been the 2015 Mustang.. but I …

The Equus Throwback Is a 1000-HP Corvette-Based Supercar With Deeply Retro Vibes. The folks that created the Bass 770 are back with a heavily-restyled C7 Corvette that’s reminiscent of the 1970s

The company is Equus Automotive, in suburban Rochester Hills. The product is the Bass770, a custom-made, completely bespoke ode to late 1960s muscle cars.

Used 2016 Hyundai Equus Review. More about the 2016 Equus. Edmunds expert review. but in Ultimate trim the Equus punches above its price class. The additional features included in this trim

The Equus Bass 770 lays claim to a 200 mph top speed and a 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, as well as an asking price of $253,000. Far from affordable, but incredibly sexy, and recycling timeless

The main advantage of the 2015 Hyundai Equus is its price. It starts more than $10,000 less than the LS, A8 and 7 Series, and even an upgraded Equus Ultimate costs less than those competitors. While its performance doesn’t rival what you can get from the turbo V-8 engines in the A8, S-Class and 7 Series, it comes standard with a 429-horsepower V-8.

Equus Bass 770: Build a Muscle Car. October 1, We’re talking about the 2013 Equus Bass 770, which is not just your average retro muscle car, and with a starting price tag of $250,000, you probably could have guessed that. About . More Posts (78) Filed …

The Equus Bass 770. A 21st Century $250,000 640hp muscle car with all of today’s tech inside. [736×2338] 000 hot dogs for the price of that hyundai too . permalink; embed; save; parent; I wouldn’t say the Equus Bass is worth 250k, but with things like live axles and steel construction the cars of yesteryear just aren’t competitive.

The Equus Bass 770 stunned us with its chimeric look, monster performance, and $250,000 price tag when it was unveiled last year. There’s more technology and design than meets the eye with the

Equus Bass 700: Your New Favourite Muscle Car. Although this bears the perfectly proportioned bodyshell of a 1968 Fastback ‘Stang, this is the ridiculously named Equus Bass 770.

2015 Equus Bass 770 Specifications Photo Price Information Rating. Equus Bass 770 1280×768 Carporn. The Equus Bass 770 Is The Muscle Car For Supercar Enthusiasts Moto. Equus Bass 770 Is A Restomod Mustang With Zr1 Power W Video Autoblog.

That’s the battle cry of the 2014 EQUUS BASS770, a contemporary nod to American muscle cars of the 60s and 70s. It’s also probably the reason for its starting price tag of $250 grand. If KIA made this whip I bet it EQUUS BASS770 – New American Muscle Car. Posted: September 26, 2013. In: Autos Exotic.

New 2014 Equus Bass 770 should win over even the least likely of muscle car fans which can push the price of the car up to $290,000, include colored or chromed brake calipers, interior and

Equus Bass 770 went on sale as a 2015 model sports a supercharged 640 HP V8. Top speed of 200 mph and an impressive 3.4 seconds 0-60. « The Ferrari 458 is a supercar with a price tag of around quarter of a million dollars. Photos, specifications and videos of the Ferrari 458 » « Luxury Cars : Illustration Description Maybach Exelero Most

The Equus Bass 770 (stylized EQUUS BASS 770) is a handcrafted American luxury muscle car manufactured by Equus Automotive. Six models can be chosen, these being Accent, Accent Plus, Design, Design Plus, Edition and Collection, starting from US $534,000.

The Bass 770 is American boutique manufacturer Equus Automotive’s homage to the pony and muscle cars of that era – you’ll see familiar cues and elements in its lines.

The Bass 770, built by a start-up company called Equus, doesn’t try to be a slippery-lizard-on-wheels like the SSC Tuatara or a 400 km/h porcelain commode like the Bugatti Veyron L’or Blanc.

The Equus Bass 770 is powered by a V8 6.2-liter supercharged engine borrowed from the Chevrolet ZR1 which generates 640 bhp (477 kW) and 605 lb-ft (819 Nm) of torque. Power is provided to the wheels via a dual-clutch six-speed gearbox.

Considering it takes at least 5,000 man hours to complete one, the price can easily soar to around $300,000. Despite being perceived as an over exaggeration in pretty much every single field, the Equus Bass 770 is still one of the best 2020 muscle cars you can lay your hands on.

Edmunds has detailed price information for the Used 2016 Hyundai Equus. Save money on Used 2016 Hyundai Equus models near you. Find detailed gas mileage information, insurance estimates, and more.

equus bass 770 a retro styled muscle car for the price of an audi r8. photo equus automotive. retro cool comes at a price the current list for a base bass 770 is 534k.

equus bass 770 May 28, 2018 May 28, 2018 Taking obvious design cues from our favorite classic muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s, the Equus Bass 770 is …

EQUUS BASS 770 Muscle Car Kicks So Much Ass 0. By Kent Brockman on July 28, 2015 Cars, Main, Photos, Videos. Photo:Gizmag. With a starting price of $250,000, the EQUUS BASS 770 is far from your typical old school ride. ADVERTISEMENT.

The Equus Bass 770’s shock absorbers are calculating in the thousandths to offer ideal comfort and maximize grip according to track criteria and dynamic pressures on the car. Even with the high price tag

The Equus Bass 770 Is The Muscle Car For Supercar Enthusiasts. Tweet Share. Written by Brandon on June 14, 2016 in Articles, Features. Photo: Equus-automotive. which is not attractive for the price point of the car, at least offer that pure muscle car as a option. Leave a Comment Cancel.

Sep 30, 2013 · The Equus Bass 770 is a new, boutique retro-modern muscle car that utilizes the 638 hp 6.2L supercharged LS9 V8 engine in the C6 Corvette ZR1. It goes 200 mph.

The Equus Bass 770, while it has a rather clumsy name, is a stunning supercar which features absurd performance and $250,000 price tag, and it stormed out of the past during its unveiling at the 2014 Detroit North American International Auto Show.

640bhp worth of modern day American muscle packed into the silhouette of a classic Mustang

The Equus Bass 770 automobile features a 6.2-liter supercharged LS9 V8 engine that achieves 640 horsepower. After six years of research, design, development, and regulatory testing, the Equus Bass 770 automobile is now available to the public, however it carries a hefty price tag that starts at $250,000.

The Bass 770 is the Girl Talk of muscle cars. The Equus Bass is what happens when people with the means to build the muscle car they’ve always desired do just that. You can’t have a Mustang and a

Equus 2015 Price – Hello Cars Lovers New Cars Review, In the article you read this time with the title Equus 2015 Price, We have prepared this article for you to read and retrieve information therein. Hopefully the contents of postings Articel Cars, We write this you can understand. well, happy reading. Title : Equus 2015 Price link : Equus

Only three Equus BASS 770 test cars exist today, with deliveries of production vehicles scheduled to begin after its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in late January, 2014. Equus plans to add more models in the future, with the BASS 770 reigning as the flagship.

Jan 16, 2014 · What’s in a Name? The Equus Bass770. Image. but he expressed hope that the Korean automaker would not come after a niche marque over its name. The Equus Bass770, a …

Named Equus Automotive, the Detroit-based startup is in the business of building luxury muscle cars. In fact, Equus’ BASS 770 is a roaring monster featuring a 640HP, V8 engine that’ll top out somewhere just north of 321km/h (200mph).

The Equus Bass 770 is a muscle car with a taste for life’s luxuries that mixes the old and the new. Just looking at the Equus Bass 770 tales you down on memory lane, evoking moments in a ’68-’69 Mustang or a 1967 Charger.

The Bass 770’s premium muscle comes at a hefty cost with price ranging from US$250,000 to US$290,000 for a fully equipped model. equus equus bass 770 2013-09-28 Alvin Lee

Search on Jebiga Design & Lifestyle. EQUUS BASS 770. This car does come with a price. At $250,000 the Bass 770 seems to be expensive and difficult to vie the competition due to its lack of history that is important for a muscle car. However, great design, modern tech features and great performance helped the company pre-sell 20 units in

The Equus Bass 770 by Detroit-based Equus Automotive is a brand new high performance vehicle designed and manufactured in the USA, celebrating 1960 s and 1970s muscle cars. Featuring many of the styling elements of iconic cars like the Fastback Musta

Equus manager Mike Oualid said their company is new and built by a group of car buffs who are very enthusiastic with classic pony cars. Oualid also said the car takes about four months to be built. They already received orders from countries such as the U.S.A., Middle East, Germany and India. The car sells at a starting price $250, 000.

A few years ago, a unique ripoff configuration of a car appeared out of the blue that was inspired by American performance cars, came with a $250,000 price tag, and was called the Equus Bass 770.

Development. Equus developed the car for six years, building an aluminum chassis for the Bass 770, and building its body out of aluminum lined with carbon fiber.

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