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Mar 11, 2014 · I’d always heard they went to the smaller inlays because that allowed for more wood, more meat to the fretboard. Let’s be honest, with those huge shark fin inlays, there was hardly any fretboard. The inlays were the fretboard.

For Players,made by a player. Shark-Fin Fret Markers with Rosewood Dots Inlay Sticker Decals Guitar $9.50 Small Custom Dots 1/8″. For Fret Side Markers $6.00 Split Block Fret Markers Inlay stickers Decals Guitar $8.00 Star Fret Markers Fretboard Markers Inlay Stickers Decals $5.00 Tailored Leaves Fret Markers Inlay Sticker For Guitar Bass $8.00

Jackson Releases Eight New Pro Series Models. Press Release. October 05, 2012. A A • Compound-radius ebony fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets and Alumiloid Shark Fin Inlays • Anodized black aluminum control plate • String-through-body TonePros fully adjustable bridge.

Mar 13, 2004 · Mine does NOT have shark fin inlays. It’s black (G2V-B the original paperwork with it says) and it originally said G2V on the truss rod cover. It’s HEAVY and has a Wonderbar tremolo on it. It’s a humbucker, two single coil configuration, and none of the pickups say anything on them. Acutally, i took the original humbucker out years ago,

Compound (12″ to 16″) Fingerboard Radius, Mother of Pearl Shark Fin Position Inlays, Bound Fingerboard and Headstock, Inlaid Mother of Pearl Jackson Logo, CTS Pots and Switchcraft Switches – Case Box. Deluxe Jackson Molded Case – Additional Info.

The X factor = fantastic tone, ultra-fast playability and unbelievable value. New Jackson X Series guitars are loaded with purebred Jackson DNA-hot humbucking pickups, bound compound-radius fingerboard with the distinctive shark-fin inlays, and stunning finishes.

Inlays. Almost anything can be inlaid into bodies, such as patterns in wood, pearl, abalone, or such things as coins, metal scrolling, etc. Pricing is commensurate with the extent, intricacy, and materials. 3D carving (bas relief) artwork is limited only to certain woods, as …

Jackson JS32T Randy Rhoads Sharkfin Inlay String Thru Gun Metal Gray with Gig Bag 2910026344 The sleek, offset-V Rhoads is the legendary heart from which the Jackson Bloodline is pumped. With two high-output Jackson CVR2 humbucking pickups, string …

I got some nice perloid shark fin inlays and started routing the pockets for them. This is a real dirty job, the ebony dust and the two component glue-dust mix are really a …

Jackson JS3Q trans red. Features include a poplar body, a beautiful quilt maple top, graphite-reinforced maple neck, 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with pearloid shark fin inlays, ​ dual Jackson High Output humbuckers, active 3-band EQ, sealed die-cast tuners, and a Jackson HiMass bridge for tones of sustain.

Built to Phil Demmel’s exact specifications, the upgraded PDX-2 features a three-piece through-body maple neck, compound-radius (12″-16″) bound rosewood fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets and classic Jackson shark fin inlays, EMG HZ pickups, dual volume controls and three-way blade pickup selector switch, and a Floyd Rose Special bridge.

Vintage Guitars Info’s Other Vintage Guitar Makers: Kay, D’Angelico, Stromberg, Hofner. 17″ wide veneer maple body, spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, block or « shark fin » fingerboard inlays starting at the 3rd fret, large scalloped pickguard, closed back individual Kluson tuners with metal buttons, trapeze tailpiece, blond or sunburst


Jackson ® shark fin style guitar fretboard inlay set, celluloid (10 pieces) High quality perfectly cut made in Korea. 3 mm thickness Celluloid 10 piece set. Ready to inlay and perfectly flat, can be easily sanded to reach the fretboard radius. For more dimensions please see the detailed pics.

Aug 30, 2004 · It surprises me that these neck inlays are only .050 deep,it that closest to the edge of the fretboard or in the middle? Inlay pockets in pool cues are cut .125 deep,in the middle of the pocket,then the excess is turned round,while a fretboard is only a segment of a circle,thus my curiosity.

With PearlFX series Creative-Cuts Inlays offers best pearl looks for custom guitar and bass inlay stickers decals: Mother of Pearl (ABALONE), White Shell, Abalone, Black Pearl, Green Pearl, Blue Pearl, Red Pearl. Very thin, durable, affordable, premium quality, easy to install. Made in USA.

Jackson Guitars for Sale, ed roman guitars Home All Guitars All Black Fin Inlays, EMG 81, Black Hardware, Floyd Rose Tremolo. 1G910500810-8374 Neck Thru Body, Ebony Fretboard, Alder Wings, Black Hardware, Shark Fin Inlays, Floyd Rose, Duncan Pickups. 2G. …

With PearlFX series Creative-Cuts Inlays offers best pearl looks for custom guitar and bass inlay stickers decals: Mother of Pearl (MOP), White Shell, Abalone, Black Pearl, Green Pearl, Blue Pearl, Red Pearl. Very thin, durable, affordable, premium quality, easy to install. Made in USA.

This JS23 Dinky is part of Jackson’s entry-level JS Series. This series features super-affordable takes on classic and instantly recognizable Jackson guitars, all built without compromising all-important tone and playability. The JS23 Dinky features the 24-fret compound-radius neck and shark fin inlays beloved of Jackson shredders worldwide.

Built with the very latest in Jackson expertise and innovation, X Series models feature hot humbucking pickups, bound compound-radius fingerboards with our distinctive shark-fin inlays, tremolo and hard-tail bridges, and a fantastic selection of striking finishes.

The quartersawn hard rock maple neck, paired with an ebony fingerboard (adorned with mother-of-pearl shark fin inlays, no less) doesn’t just join the body; it’s actually part of the body! This configuration contributes to the sustain of the SL1 in a big way, since the entire guitar is integrated.


Shark fin inlay. Also the ranks is the DX2, a hum-single-hum version using J*kson pickups, the J’T580 tremolo and rosewood With dot Also available with the Gravure top. « i ill jliiil iiiill liiiiil iiiu lii.zx SDK Following the the SDK and making for a that ultra comfortable

Ebonol fretboard with Mother of Pearl shark fin inlays Pointed headstock; Silk-screened Vantage logo; Silk-screened Wave logo; 24 frets 25.5″ scale Binding: Single-ply fretboard Electronics: Two ceramic single coil pickups, one humbucker Black molded plastic pickup covers Three on/off mini-switches (for each pickup) Coil tap mini-switch for

The KVMG King V, a guitar that looks as good to play as it does to use as a medieval weapon, is fashioned out of alder with a maple veneer top. It’s fixed with a 24-fret maple neck and an ebony fretboard with aluminoid shark fin inlays.

Mar 22, 2018 · I think the idea 2 Jacksons double v’s with shark fin inlays comes from the fact the same guitar was seen with two different pick up configurations. I guess it is possible that there is two with the shark fin inlays but from most research it points to only one (two Jackson’s total) but its slightly possible some he didn’t ever use publically

Ibanez EX Series Strat shredder, Floyd trem, black shark fin inlays MIK gig bag. Great guitar. Unique pickups: XH1, XH2, XS3 in SSH configuration. Minus bar and switch tip. Nice shape, small stress cracks at head but structurally sound. FAST and straight flat radius neck. Slight fret …

Give us the details of your dream inlay (or we can dream it up together) and that will get the process started. Leave the rest to us. For questions, quotes, or more …

Details about Fretboard Markers Inlay Sticker Decals for Guitar & Bass – Shark-Fin Jackson Be the first to write a review . Fretboard Markers Inlay Sticker Decals for Guitar & Bass – Shark-Fin Jackson

Its also a 24 fret neck with Jackson Charvel Shark Fin Inlays. These guitars were made along side the 1996 « San Dimas Series » Charvel guitars and rival the quality of any USA Made Vintage Charvel. I assure you this workmanship is better than any modern day USA Charvel. The guitar is MINT and has little-to-NO cosmetic flaws.

All of the new models have MSRPs between £400 and £700 and feature shark-fin inlays, compound-radius fretboards (which curve at the nut and flatten towards the body) and high-output humbuckers. Prev Page 10 of 12 Next Prev Page 10 of 12 Next

Jackson JS32 Kelly Sharkfin Inlay Floyd Rose in Snow White 2910033376 Jackson JS32 Kelly Sharkfin Inlay Floyd Rose in Snow White. The JS32 Kelly Electric Guitar features an alder body. Popular Searches: Distinctive Shark Fin Inlays . Undeniable, unmistakable, and 100% Jackson. This instantly recognizable feature makes our guitars stand out

About Sharkfin. [email protected] . The Swede behind the plectrum used by The Beatles has died. In the 1960s Landström invented the shark’s fin-shaped guitar plectrum Sharkfin. This new shape of plectrum spread across the world, and also came to be used by international artists in the world of pop, such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Other notable features include solid basswood body wings, a one-piece maple neck, 24-fret fingerboard made of rosewood (1.6875″ locking nut, Shark Fin inlays, 12″ …

Feb 02, 2014 · Post subject: RANDY’S GUITAR @ HARD ROCK NIAGRA FALLS. Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:38 pm . Junior Member: It wasn’t his. Randy’s had smaller shark fin inlays and some other details are different. Top . GUITARIDOL5682 Post subject: Re: RANDY’S GUITAR @ HARD ROCK NIAGRA FALLS. Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:22 pm . Mass Poster: Joined: Thu Jul 13

As for the neck, our custom made Jackson Bengal Tiger Guitar chose a maple neck topped with ebony fingerboard, 22 frets with a scale length of 648mm(25.5″ ) and abalone shark fin inlays without neck binding, which are all strictly following our special customer’s requirements.


Distinctive Shark Fin Inlays Undeniable. Unmistakable. Jackson. This instantly recognizable feature makes our guitars stand out from the crowd. Jackson guitars not only play better – they look better. High-Output, Custom-Voiced Covered Jackson Pickups Painstakingly voiced for full, rich tone while providing maximum overdrive and sustain.


Shark Fin Inlays Jackson Gig Bag Fulcrum Tremolo Bridge With a sturdy arm, this easily adjustable two-point fulcrum bridge is built to withstand whatever whammy bar punishment you can dish out. BOTH NEW JS2 MODELS BOAST FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.JACKSONGUITARS.COM/JS.

Fully bound with sharkfin inlays- very cool! Some light surface scratches on the face of the headstock. A few some small dings as well that have been touched up. Standard crack on the back of the neck at the nut, it does not appear to be deep at all, almost superficial on the top.

Jackson Pro Rhoads RR Electric Guitar, with Ebony Fingerboard – Alumiloid Shark Fin inlays – Floyd Rose FRT-O1000 recessed double-locking tremolo – Floyd Rose R3 locking nut zZounds is an authorized dealer of Jackson products. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Rickenbacker painted their rosewood fingerboards with clear lacquer (much like Fender did to their maple fingerboards). Because of this, Introduced 1958, 15 1/4″ wide, cat-eye soundholes. Shark fin fingerboard inlays (deluxe trim), 4 knobs. 1958: « OS » (old style) thick body (2 1/2″) with top and back binding, square body edges.

$ 1,830 Classic Blue Cobalto Ceramic and Coco Shell Shark Fin Puka 6mm. $ 1,600 Shark Fin Inlay Chair. $ 550 Gorgonian Coral from Tulum 2. $ 1,500 Sara Beltran Maharaja Water Color & Ink. $ 450 Fish wood stool #BSIFOUNDIT. $ 1,250 Dezso inlay shells wood chair. $ 50 Dezso Gift Card.

Jackson RX10D Rhoads Electric Guitar. The HB103N is a hot alnico neck pickup based on the Duncan Jazz. It has a Floyd Rose-licensed Low Profile locking tremolo, 24 jumbo frets, a bolt-on rock maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and chrome hardware. Controls include master volume, master tone, and 3-way pickup switch.

Shark Fin with Dots Guitar Fret board Markers Inlay stickers. Brand new. £13.01 + £1.00 postage; See more like this Guitar Inlay Stickers Dragon Guitarra Fretboard Markers For Guitar Neck U2H B3S3. 2 Watching. See more like this Silver Tree Inlay Sticker …

Charvel – Guitar Models – Past Charvel Guitars. Past Charvel Guitars. Route 66 In 1984, The Model 5 FX featured the same construction than Model 6, the only differences being the scale (without shark fin inlays) and the pickups (one single coil and one humbucker). Also, some model 5FX had a slightly recessed tremolo.

Unique Features: Jackson 6-In-Line Pointed Headstock, Compound (12 to 16) Fingerboard Radius, Single Black Shark Fin Inlay Find Similar Products by Tag. jackson custom shop jackson custom shop guitar jackson electric guitars jackson usa guitars Product Reviews. Write review.

free shipping, $317.81/piece:buy wholesale custom ed roman de vinnie vincent flying v double v purple pink electric guitar, rosewood fingerboard & shark fin inlay, floyd rose tremolo on custom_shop’s Store from, get worldwide delivery and buyer protection service.


Distinctive Shark Fin Inlays Undeniable and unmistakable. 100% Jackson. This instantly recognizable feature makes our guitars stand-out from the crowd. Not only do Jackson’s play better, they look better too. Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Jackson products.

10 Killer New Custom Shop Models. By Jackson WEB ADMIN. January 25, 2018. Gotoh tuners. A mirrored Black pickguard and Black speed knobs match the ebony fingerboard with mother of pearl block inlays, bringing together a pristine final piece. Slat6 27 Frets HS FR Blue Sparkle .

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